No-Till Seminar at Agro-Soyuz: Small Steps on a Long Way


On December 18-19 Agro-Soyuz Holding hosted a seminar “Direct Seeding: How to Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency”. More than 30 farmers from 7 regions of Ukraine attended the event. The area of their arable land ranges from 500 ha up to 10,000 ha. There were both 22-year old agronomists and 55-year old farm owners. They are so different, but similar in their aims: they want to get perfect results and keep their soils alive.

Some of them were just in the beginning of this way, some had been using no-till for more than 10 years observing changes in the soil, its revival and fantastic processes that were running in it, which allowed to get good yields even in droughts. No matter how proficient you are, you’ll still have questions and face problems. And the solution can be found, when talking with practitioners and like-minded people.

So, attendees discussed issues on adoption of resource-saving technologies, nutrition, crop protection, proper crop rotation, introduction of cover crops and selection of efficient machinery. There was a lot of discussions and sharing of experience.

See the pictures taken during the event.

Seminar Agro-Soyuz