Attend the workshop “Efficient No-Till: from seeding to harvest” organized by Agro-Soyuz


No-Till speakerThere are so many details in No-Till! Each element may impact the final result. Agro-Soyuz opens registration to the workshop “Harvest in No-Till as a foundation of future yield”, which will take place at the Holding’s farm in Dnipro region on August 21-22. New knowledge is a key to crop production efficiency, soil and yield improvement.

The schedule of the two-day workshop will be very tight and covers the following areas:

- Cover crops: what’s better – single crop or a “cocktail”: Seeding and evaluation of efficiency?

- No-Till: from seeding to harvest: what should we look at.

- Seeding quality

- Choosing efficient machinery for seeding and harvesting

- Field classes

Agro-Soyuz has been practicing No-Till for 20 years. This spring the company set up interesting trials with various crops. The plots were prepared for the conference “No-Till Lab: field practice”, which was held on May 30-31, 2019. Attendees of the workshop will be able to evaluate condition of crops and analyze the results of trials together with speakers.