Agro-Soyuz will hold field conferences again


Preparation for NTlab is on its way both in Mayskoye village and in Volnoye village (“Anastasia” farm): they establish test plots with grains, legumes, oilseeds and cover crops, as well as treat the plots that have been already sown. The Steering Committee (Agro-Soyuz Projects" LLC and YouTube channel of Mikhail Draganchuk “No-Tiller”) holds negotiations with speakers in order to make their presentations as relevant and interesting for participants as possible.

The speakers are experienced agronomists, farm managers that have been in no-till for 8 to 20 years, as well as scientists and inventors. In other words, these are people who can supplement knowledge of both beginners and advanced no-tillers and who are worth to network with.

The topics of the conference include:

- Growing soybeans in dryland conditions: seeding dates, seeding rates and methods of seeding.

- Use of glyphosate in no-till: preparing tank mixtures to control malicious weeds.

- Influence of water quality on spraying efficiency.

- Yield increase through soil water capacity increase.

- Cover crops, selection of mixes for various purposes.

- Intercropping into sunflower and corn. Solid seeding of row-crops.

- Seeding rates and methods of seeding of winter wheat. Weed infestation as a function of row spacing width. Low seeding rates.

- Biological crop protection using sunflower and corn as an example.

- Nutrition of winter wheat in no-till.

- No-till and strong seeds: natural union.

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