Pig farming

pig farming

In pig farming the specialists of Agro-Soyuz:

  • Adopted a technology of housing in non-heated hoop structures on deep bedding;
  • Re-designed the premises for farrowing and nursery;
  • Developed an experimental model farm — commercial grow/finish facility, which can produce 24-26 thousand pigs per year.

The experimental pig farming facility represents a full-cycle pork producing enterprise, where a continuous system of intensive reproduction and cold housing during the grow/finish stage is used.

pig farming

The technology of cold housing of animals allows to:

    Reduce construction costs compared with permanent barns, which are used under conventional technologies of pig farming;
  • Save on heating and lighting;
  • Improve animals’ health, thus reducing costs for medication;
  • Ensure high growth rate;
  • Reduce costs at grow/finish stage.

The farm implements a technology of continuous pork production with a 7-day rhythm, which allows to release products in equal time periods and in batches of specific size and quality.

The implemented technologies, high producing pig breeds and process management allowed Model agricultural enterprise «Agro-Soyuz» to achieve the following performance indicators:

  • Growth period — 190 days;
  • Duration of the grow/finish stage — 120 days;
  • ROA -> 50%;
  • Conception rate — 87%;
  • Fecundity — 11+ pigs per farrowing;
  • Feed conversion ratio — 3,0 kg of feed / 1 kg of gain.

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