Ostrich production

ostrich farming

Model agricultural enterprise Agro-Soyuz is also dealing with commercial ostrich farming. Commercial ostrich farming is the most profitable type of livestock farming all over the world, if wise approach is used.

During the first year the profit amounts to 200-400%, because ostrich is an exotic bird with excellent adaptability to different climatic conditions and unpretentious to food (it can easily consume Ukrainian alfalfa and clover).

ostrich farming

In 2003 Agro-Soyuz built the biggest ostrich breeding farm in Europe and the only farm of such type in Ukraine. Today, the farm hosts 450 South African black-neck and blue-neck breeders (country of origin — South Africa).

The ostrich farm also includes: an incubator, young stock raising facilities and a commercial farm.

In 2004 Agro-Soyuz registered its own trade mark «Zhar-Ptitsa» and started selling ostrich meat in Ukraine. Ostrich meat is cut, processed and packed according to international standards with special equipment.

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