Crop production


The Model agricultural enterprise of Agro-Soyuz Holding has been using no-till technology for more than 15 years. While using the soil protection technologies we managed to increase organic matter content from 4.3% to 4.5%. The arable land (12,000 ha) is handled by the machinery of own manufacture.

The No-Till system allows to make crop production manageable, predictable and economically efficient.

With today’s organization of agriculture the yield is 80% weather dependant, whereas with No-till the influence of climate and weather is reduced to 20%. Other 80% account for technology and agricultural management, which are united into one system.

The No-Till system is the most sensible approach to crop production from ecological and economical stand points. It excludes mechanical influence on the soil. This technology allows to implement direct seeding into crop residues with minimal soil structure disturbance.

10 main advantages of No-Till:

  • Resource saving (fuel, fertilizers, labor, time, reduction of depreciation costs)
  • Improvement of profitability of agriculture
  • Maintenance and restoration of the soil tilth (improvement of its chemical, physical and biological properties, increase of soil organic matter level)
  • Reduction or elimination of soil erosion (no need to spend additional money to solve this problem)
  • Ecological management weeds
  • Accumulation and storage of water in the soil
  • Reduction of yield dependence on weather conditions
  • Increase of crop yield
  • Improvement of grain quality (ecologically clean product)
  • Culture of farming — development of special culture of interaction with environment.

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