Dairy farming

The dairy farm of Agro-Soyuz

A technology of free-stall housing of animals with a constant access to water and feed (TMR all year round) is used at Agro-Soyuz’s dairy.

Significant investments into the farm as well as modern management systems in production allowed to achieve the following performance indicators:

  • Milk production — 18 000 t/year;
  • Milk yield per cow — 9,200+ l/year;
  • Milk quality corresponds to the actual standards of the USA and EU.

The dairy farm of Agro-Soyuz

Agro-Soyuz’s specialists managed to achieve maximum realization of the herd’s genetic potential due to optimization of milk production technology. This includes:

  • Integrated functional system of feed quality management
  • Boosting of cow organism’s reserves (free-stall housing, comfortable stalls, free access to water and feed, optimal microclimate);
  • Synchronization of heat of cows and heifers (The program of preventive measures to manage the herd’s health status has been developed and implemented);
  • Adequate raising of young stock.

The dairy farm supplies to customers more than 50 tons of milk daily.

The dairy farm of Agro-Soyuz was included into the Registry of special raw-material zones, the products of which can be used for baby food and dietary food production.

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