Crop production project

crop production project

Nowadays, successful agricultural enterprise should strive for saving of resources, improvement of profitability, reduction of yield dependence on climatic conditions. They should also do their best to maintain and restore soil fertility.

These requirements are met by the No-Till system (zero tillage), which we offer to our customers.

Since the establishment of the business more than 100 agricultural projects were implemented in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Georgia with adoption of resource-saving technologies on 1,485,000 ha.

Stages of the crop production project:

  • Diagnostics
  • Modeling and business planning (preparation of staff to conversion to resource-saving technology; training of staff)
  • Adoption of the technology (quality seeding of winter and spring crops; timely spraying; harvest of crops without losses)
  • Follow-up (improvement of business efficiency)