Commercial ostrich farming

Commercial ostrich farming is the most profitable business all over the world, if wise approach is implemented. During the first year the profit can range from 200% to 400%. Ostrich is an exotic bird with an exceptional adaptability to different climatic conditions and is famous for its unpretentiousness to food (it can easily consume Ukrainian alfalfa and clovers). This is why ostrich farmers are calling ostriches «livestock with wings».

Ostrich meat is a healthy dietary product. It contains several times less fats (only 1,2%) and cholesterol (about 32 mg per 100 g of product) than beef or pork. Consumption of ostrich meat reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

At the age of 1014 months the skin of ostriches reaches its top quality. A high quality skin is comparable with valuable skins of elephants and crocodiles. The wear resistant of the skin is valued most of all. The soft and flexible skin of ostriches is used in shoemaking, haberdashery industry and for production of clothes. One ostrich skin the area of which is about 1.2-1.5 sq.m will pay all the costs for production of the bird when sold.

Ostrich eggs also have high commercial value. The content of eggs is used in food industry, while the shells are used for production of souvenirs.

Ostrich feathers are traditionally used as decoration when producing clothes and interior items. The demand is the biggest during preparation for the famous Brazilian carnival.

Ostrich oil is used in medicine and cosmetology.

Ostrich farming at Agro-Soyuz

Ostrich farming as a business direction was launched at Agro-Soyuz in 2000.

In 2003 a breeder farm was built at model agricultural enterprise of the Corporation 70 km away from Dnepropetrovsk in the steppe zone of Ukraine. This farm is now a shelter for 450 South African black-neck and blue-neck ostrich breeders (country of origin: South Africa).

The farm also includes an incubator, a farm for young stock raising and a commercial farm.

In 2004 Agro-Soyuz registered its trade mark «Zhar ptitsa» and started selling ostrich meat in Ukraine. The meat is cut, processes and packaged according to European standards on special equipment.

Conferences and Schools on commercial ostrich farming are held at model agricultural enterprise Agro-Soyuz.

The school is designed for specialists, farmers and managers.

6-day course «Basics of practical ostrich farming» was developed by Agro-Soyuz’s specialists in cooperation with international specialists, experts and consultants. The program allows to obtain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary for successful management and running of the ostrich farm.

Practical classes are conducted by the specialists of model agricultural enterprise Agro-Soyuz in real production processes.